Good Content Stays Relevant !

Aditya K Sood
2 min readJul 18, 2021


University of Manchester: “Targeted Cyber Attacks” Book Included as Part of Trust and Security in a Digital World Course

We drafted a “Targeted Cyber Attacks” book a few years ago covering the insightful details related to targeted cyber attacks occurring in the wild including associated threat landscape. The book received a compelling response and is still being consumed. Thanks to Syngress for publishing this book. It has been a great collaboration with Dr. Richard J Enbody.

The Reality: Good Content Stays Relevant !

Recently, it came to our notice that, the book has been included in one of the cyber-security curriculum by University of Manchester for the following course:

I3083-UCIL-20132–1201–2SE-040027: UCIL20132 Trust and Security in a Digital World: From Fake News to Cyber Criminals 2020–21 2nd Semester; Directorate for the student experience; James, Hayley; Buil gil, David; Barrett, Emma; Dresner, Daniel

Targeted Cyber Attacks Book
UCIL20132 Course: Trust and Security in Digital World

It’s good to see how the community benefits from the content and books play a significant role in sketching the future. That’s the best possible way to collaborate, learn and grow together by gaining intelligence from community learning.

Keep learning !