University of Manchester: “Targeted Cyber Attacks” Book Included as Part of Trust and Security in a Digital World Course

We drafted a “Targeted Cyber Attacks” book a few years ago covering the insightful details related to targeted cyber attacks occurring in the wild including associated threat landscape. The book received…

Report by Aditya K Sood and RB.

Note: We would like to thank MalwareMustDie for providing additional inputs regarding reverse engineering of binaries.

Media Coverage

New Gucci Botnet Capable of Launching Multiple Types of DDoS Attacks —

New ‘Gucci’ IoT Botnet Targets Europe —

Security Labs discovered a…

ybercriminals deploy crimeware for conducting nefarious operations on the Internet. Crimeware is managed on a large scale through deployment of centralized portals known as Command and Control (C&C) panels. C&C panels are considered as attackers’ primary operating environment through which crimewave is controlled and updated at regular intervals of time. C&C panels also store information stolen from the compromised machines as a part of the data exfiltration activity. This empirical study highlights the analysis of thousands of real world C&C web Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) used for deployment of Crimeware such as botnets, key-loggers, ransomware, Point-of-Sales (PoS) malware, etc., to unearth the characteristics of HTTP-based C&C panels. This study gives a statistical view on design and technologies opted by the crimeware authors to deploy HTTP-based C&C panels.

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Aditya K Sood

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